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Great Holiday Gifts for your Pets

by on Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Our pets give us love and companionship all year long, so it’s only natural that we’d buy them holiday gifts, right?  And no, it’s not too goofy to wrap them. Hey, watching the unwrapping is half the fun (not to mention: cats often find the wrapping paper more inspiring than the gift)!

Zavee understands your pets are part of the family. Here are some gift suggestions to make sure they feel loved this holiday.

Something for Fido Under the Tree

  • Beer bottle squeak toys.  Which brand will Buster like best? HeinieSniff’n or Grrrona? Both are beer-bottle-shaped squeak toys with look-alike labels (Heineken and Corona). So Buster won’t feel left out during Yappy Hour. Available at Muttropolis.
  • LED Light-up Flying Disc. Does your pup love to chase a Frisbee, but it’s dark outside when you get home from work? The Flashlight Dog Discuit may be the answer: it glows in the dark with a built-in LED light. Made of soft-touch plastic that’s mouth-friendly and stands up to repeated bites. Find it at NiteIze.
  • Classic Cremes dog cookies. Made to look like Oreos and other classic cream-filled cookies, these treats are so doggone tasty your kid will even eat them, according to local retailer Pet Supplies Plus. They’re oven-baked by Three Dog Bakery using all-natural ingredients, including carob, peanut butter, and apples.

For the Cat Who Owns You

  • The Dart Interactive Cat Toy. Want to keep your kitty entertained—even when you’re not home? This interesting spool-shaped object emits patterns of laser light that makes cats pounce and dart in hot pursuit. The Dart Interactive has an automatic timer, allowing you to set 15-minute play sessions. Available at Frontgate.
  • Gel-Pedic cat bed. Older cats will appreciate this bed’s GelFoam pad, which comforms to their bodies and cradles them in comfort. The material also keeps pets cool in the heat. It’s one of a gazillion great pet items available at Puppy Plus in Parkland, where Zavee shoppers earn 3% cash back with every purchase.
  • Healthy cat treats. Keep your cat’s coat silky and her breath sweet. Puppy Plus and other local pet stores carry Catswell all-natural chicken breast treats. “Vitakitty” has flax seeds, Vitamin E and other nourishing ingredients; the “Breathies” variety is spiked with mint and parsley.

Puppy Love for the Holidays

by on Sunday, December 5th, 2010

If you’re thinking of getting someone a puppy for Christmas, be sure to do some research ahead of time. Furry, four-legged companions are hard to resist when they’re young and cute, but if the dog’s needs don’t match the owner’s lifestyle, there could be heartbreak ahead. Consider these questions:

Can the owner make time to train, exercise, and groom the dog?

  • Will the dog have a yard or access to a dog park?
  • How many hours will the dog be alone each day?
  • Are there dog hair issues or allergies to think about?

Finding the Right Dog

An excellent place to start your research is the Animal Planet’s online Dog Breed Directory. You can take an online quiz, select a breed and read all about it, and watch breed-specific videos that cover the issues listed above, and more. Find out why Chihuahuas, for example, are not the best for small children—or why Golden Retrievers are prone to hip dysplasia and cancer (which can add up to expensive veterinary bills).

Get Puppy-Personal

After narrowing down your choices, it’s time to get out and interact with the wiggly ones. Pet stores are a good place to see, hear, and touch the puppies. Blessed Puppies in Deerfield Beach specializes in small breed dogs and offers free annual vet exams for 10 years. Puppy Plus in Parkland offers a 1-year heredity/congenital guarantee.  Zavee shoppers can earn cash back at  both stores. There’s also Palm Beach Puppies with shops in Boca Raton and Wellington where puppies are displayed in pink or blue cribs like the babies they are.

The Adoption Option

If you can’t afford pet store prices and don’t mind a mixed-breed pup, check out Puppies Under Protection (P.U.P.), a not-for-profit organization in Royal Palm Beach that provides foster homes for abandoned, neglected or abused mother dogs and their puppies. All P.U.P. foster animals are sterilized, microchipped, heartworm-free and current on vaccinations. A donation of $125 – $175 is requested upon adoption, which includes a registered microchip and free vet visit. Note: adoptive “parents” must fill out an application and meet with the approval of the P.U.P. organization.