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Operation “Make Mom Smile”

by on Sunday, May 1st, 2011

For Mother’s Day this year—Sunday, May 8—would you like to pull Mom’s heartstrings like you did in grade school when you gave her a homemade card? We’ve brainstormed some gift ideas that will surprise and delight your mother—and even some that will bring you, the smart Zavee shopper, cash back rewards at the same time. Not that Mom has to know (wink wink).

Channel your Inner Martha

If you and your kids like craft projects, check out Martha Stewart’s clever and colorful Mother’s Day gift ideas. This year the Domestic Diva offers clip art templates and easy-to-follow instructions to make personalized items such as the Dreamy Sleep Mask and the Peek-a-Boo Gift Card. Martha’s always good for innovative homemade breakfast ideas, too, such as the Heart Shaped Egg in a Hole recipe.

If celebrity chef Bobby Flay is your mom’s cup of tea, follow Bobby’s recipes to create a scrumptious Mother’s Day brunch. Or take her out to brunch at a Zavee restaurant. May we suggest Crepes by the Sea in Delray Beach? You can take a leisurely stroll through Downtown or the Pineapple Grove Arts District afterwards. Or how about Oceans234 in Deerfield Beach,  where Mom can gaze out at the sparkling sea while sipping her Mimosa?

Send Mom to Paradise

Few women can resist the calming, restorative effect of a day at the spa. Make your mother smile by giving her a gift certificate from Paradise Salon & Spa in Delray Beach, a Zavee merchant that offers a complete range of beauty and body treatments. You’ll get Mom’s gratitude and 10% cash back.

Rock That Bikini

by on Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Are you ready for swimsuit season? In South Florida, swimsuit season is practically year-round…but because so many of us hail from the north, we still think of springtime as swimsuit preparation time. If you’ve got a few pounds or inches to lose in order to rock that bikini this summer, Zavee’s got some helpful ideas.

Strengthen your Core / Energize Your Body

You’ve heard Pilates is awesome, but you’re not sure it’s for you – especially if you’re a guy. Why not check out Pilates Health Connexion in Boca Raton, where your first class is always free? You can choose from private or group sessions led by classically trained Pilates instructors—and the owner is a registered dietician who can provide nutritional counseling and support. And it’s guaranteed guy-friendly.

If yoga is your thing, you can’t go wrong at Yoga 4 Life in Coral Springs. They offer a variety of Yoga classes, heated and non-heated, ranging from gentle to vigorous. And if you’re the type of athlete who likes to compete on the dance floor, American Dancesport Center in Boca is the place for you. They offer private or group lessons in Latin or Ballroom, and they hold “Dancing with the Stars”-type competitions several times each year!  Zavee members get cash back rewards at all three of these workout establishments.

Train for a Half Marathon

Think of how many calories you’ll burn if you make long-distance running part of your swimsuit preparation plan. Here’s a goal to set your sights on: the Disney Wine-and-Dine Half Marathon on Saturday, October 1 in Orlando. The race takes place at night, winds through the Disney theme parks, and finishes inside Epcot, where you’ll join an exclusive after-hours party at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. How’s that for motivation?

Wedding Planning the Zavee Way

by on Sunday, April 24th, 2011

With the economy still floundering, many of us are happy to save a buck—especially when it comes to financing the biggest day of your life. As any wedding planner knows, expenses can really add up. So as we head into the traditional spring/summer wedding season, we have some suggestions to help Zavee-registered brides get cash back without sacrificing quality or style.

Let’s Start With Style

Searching for the right look for the men in your wedding party? Jacob Ashton Fine Menswear in Delray Beach can hook you up with Italian slacks, custom-fit shirts, and exclusive neckwear. Shop on a Monday or a Tuesday and you’ll get 13% cash back on your purchase. Another classy downtown Delray Beach business, Naked Hair Salon, can provide wedding-party hairstyling and offer you, the smart Zavee shopper, 13% cash back on any purchase of $130 or more.

See how this works? Cash back rewards. Just in time for the honeymoon!

Flowers, Food and Fine Wine

Did you know that Zavee merchant New York Floral Design in Boca Raton has been creating breathtaking flower arrangements for weddings since they opened 24 years ago? For a sweet deal on catering, check out Zavee merchant Dolce Amore (“sweet love”) Café in Delray’s Pineapple Grove Art District. Meanwhile, Zavee merchant Dolce Vita (“sweet life”) Wines in Lake Worth offers a fantastic selection of wine and bubbly for your big party.

Let’s not forget the wedding photos! You might try John Wurzell of Wurzell Photography in Lake Worth. John applies his 20+ years of professional photography experience to capture meaningful moments—and gives Zavee members cash back on their purchases.

The 49th Annual Delray Affair

by on Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Arts, crafts, music, food, and drinks—the Delray Affair has it all. It’s a 3-day street fair stretching for nine blocks down Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach’s main street. And it’s free! This year’s Delray Affair runs from Friday, April 15 through Sunday April 17. Here’s why we love it:

  • More than 800 exhibits by artists and crafters from South Florida, 38 states, and 16 different countries.
  • Non-stop music at the Beer and Wine Garden, located on SE 3rd Avenue (west side of Sun Trust Bank). This year’s musicians: Adam Fine of The Taylor Road Band, Billy Bones & Jaytee, and Mike Mineo.
  • Food vendors galore!
  • The Family Amusement Area on Swinton Avenue.
  • The best people-watching this side of South Beach, Miami.
  • the Zavee Booth!

It All Started With Flowers

During the late 1940s and 1950s, Delray Beach held an annual Gladiola Festival to showcase the region’s flower-growing industry. As growers switched from flower crops to vegetable crops, the Gladiola Festival died out—but local leaders stepped forward to create a yearly agricultural expo and later an art show that turned into the Delray Affair as we know today.

It’s a Social Affair

You can follow the Delray Affair on Facebook and Twitter (#DelrayAffair), so you won’t miss any of the action. The Delray Affair is more than entertainment, it’s also a great way to learn about local businesses that rent space to promote their products and services. Stop by and you might just pick up valuable discounts and prizes. If you like your shopping with a social flair, stop by and say hello to the folks from Zavee.

The Perfect Haircut

by on Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Whether you’re a man or woman, there’s nothing like the feel of a fresh new haircut—and if you’ve enjoyed the experience of getting it, even better. I’ll never forget the time my friend returned from the local quick-cut salon with what looked like a semi-mullet. He complained about the stylist’s sloppy appearance and behavior, and of course the weird cut. Feeling sorry for him, I got out my scissors and trimmed up the back. He said, “Never going there again.”

What Matters Most: Skill or Scenery?

So… what makes a perfect haircut in your world? Is it strictly the way you look afterward, or is it also the personality of the salon and the stylist?

If a salon with a view is your idea of perfect, try Salon Edge in Boca, which faces the waterfront and advertises “an escape from the everyday.” They offer the services of world-class stylists, colorists, aestheticians, and makeup artists, as well as a café and an environmentally-friendly retail boutique.

If you’re into modern art and music, check out RESTA salon in Delray Beach (an acronym for Recreation, Style, and Art). RESTA’s talented stylists will cut, color, or relax your hair while you gaze at original art on the walls and listen to an eclectic mix of tunes. RESTA just opened an adjunct business called The Beat Cup— a combination coffee bar/performing space/retail display area—and is throwing a Grand Opening party Saturday, April 2. Mark your calendar!

Trimming the Price

If you want a quality haircut with cash back rewards, sign up with Zavee and enjoy some great deals. Here’s one: at Gent’s Downtown Boca Barbers, Zavee shoppers get 95% cash back on their first-time haircut. We’re talking about gentlemen cuts, style cuts, scissor cuts—even Mohawks, bobs and pixies—virtually free!

Clint Moore Barbers in Boca Raton caters mostly to men with their traditional offerings of buzz cuts, flat tops, fades, and beard trimming. Zavee shoppers get 5% cash back and an additional 5% on their first purchase. And for Zavee ladies, there is Tipsy Salon, also in Boca, where you get 10% cash back on purchases every time you shop. Tipsy offers a wide range of professional services including haircutting and styling, nails, waxing, facials, and massage.

When the Beach Stings

by on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Visitors to Southeast Florida sometimes wonder how an area with plenty of beaches can also support sun-tanning businesses. Why tan inside when you’ve got miles of oceanfront to tan on? Well, not every day is a beach day. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes the wind blows the sand in your eyes. And sometimes—YOW!—the beach can sting you.

Not the beach, actually, but the Portuguese man-of-war, those translucent blue balloon-like things scattered on the sand. They can be expected to roll up onto the beach any time between Thanksgiving and Easter during sustained southeast winds. This year’s influx has caused numerous injuries, caused local beaches to close and attracted attention as far away as Los Angeles.

Hold the Vinegar

The tricky thing about man-of-war is that even after washing up on the sand, their tentacles can still produce a sting. If you accidentally bump into one, don’t douse it with vinegar as you may have been taught. According to scientists , vinegar helps relieve the sting of many kinds of jellyfish, but the man-of-war is not a jellyfish. Instead, apply salt water and heat, or both.

Stay Safe – Stay Tan

Which brings me back to sun tanning. Yep, I can totally see why someone would prefer a nice, clean tanning bed to a beach strewn with man-of-war. So until the blue menaces disappear, why not keep your bronze glow and earn cash back at the same time? Paul Ferraro Hair & Tanning Salon in Boca Raton offers 15% cash back to first-time Zavee shoppers! Or try Zavee merchant Tropix Tanning Center in Fort Lauderdale where you’ll find state of the art tanning beds that block 99 percent of harmful UVB rays.

For those who prefer a spray tan, there’s Scrub and Tan in Delray Beach. Their unique process includes preparing your skin with a fragrant organic scrub before the spray tan is applied. You get an even, natural-looking tan—and Zavee members get cash back rewards, too.

Stuck in Computer Hell

by on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Could there be anything more miserable than a computer failure at your home, home office, or small business? How about when your server suddenly crashes and you’re afraid you’ve lost all your data? It makes our skin crawl just thinking about it. Good thing there are plenty of Zavee merchants available to save you—and earn you cash back at the same time!

Who Ya Gonna Call?

When your computer goes on the fritz, Computer Performance Repair Inc. of Lake Worth can help. Notice their acronym—CPR—and their pledge to “keep your current PC and laptop performing at optimal levels without breaking the bank.” CPR offers free pickup and delivery within Palm Beach County.

When “CPR” isn’t enough and your computer needs “hospitalization,” you may want to try Computer Community Hospital WPB. The “Hospital” specializes in commercial and residential service, support, maintenance and sales. On top of their usual 3% cash back for Zavee shoppers, they offer 10% cash back if you’re 65 or over, and 10% more on your birthday! In Broward County, choose from Zavee merchants ASA Computer Center of Lauderdale Lakes, Computer Expertz LLC of Fort Lauderdale, or In2Computers of Pompano Beach.

Save the Data!

For those wallowing in the deepest depths of computer hell—i.e., data loss due to a virus, hacker attack, hardware failure or natural disaster—Zavee suggests Far Vision Networks of Delray Beach. Far Vision is dedicated to data protection, “first and foremost.” But if it’s too late, they’ll bring in the forensics squad, recover what they can, and educate you on backup systems that’ll keep you out of hot water the next time.

Speaking of education, a little goes a long way when it comes to computers. If you could use some up-to-date computer training, check out Microcamp International (7) in Pompano Beach, where instructors speak both English and Spanish.

Eyes on Your Eyes

by on Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Many of us take our eyes for granted. We go out on the brightest of days without our sunglasses. We leave our contacts in too long. We don’t bother getting our eyes checked unless we develop a problem.

The blinding truth (pun intended!) is that you may be developing an eye problem and not even realize it. Did you know that glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration can occur without symptoms? That’s why the American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends regular eye exams even if you have perfect vision. How regular? Every two years if you’re under 60 and every year if you’re 60+.

Blinded By the Light

This recommendation is especially appropriate here in South Florida, where the tropical sunlight can burn not only your skin, but your corneas as well. Have your eyes ever felt gritty and painful after a day at the beach? You may have experienced photokeratitis,  an inflammation of the cornea sometimes called “sunburn of the eye” caused by brief exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

The AOA says over time, unprotected exposure to the sun can increase the possible risk of certain types of cataracts and potentially damage the retina, which could lead to total blindness.

Zavee Focuses on You

If it’s time for your regular eye exam or some UV-blocking prescription sunglasses, we can help you find a good deal. Check out Palm Beach Eyes of Boynton Beach, whose new medical office building has the latest in advanced diagnostic equipment.  Palm Beach Eyes offer Zavee shoppers 5% cash back on their purchases, and an additional 5% cash back reward on your birthday.

Another smart choice: Looking Sharp Eyewear & Care in Boca Raton, where first-time Zavee customers get the standard 5% cash back plus an extra 7% cash back reward on their first purchase! And here’s a tip for seniors: if you’re over 62, Royal Palm Optical in Boca Raton offers you a 6% cash back reward on every purchase. Their independent Doctor of Optometry is available for eye exams five days a week, and the eyewear you order is fabricated on the premises.

One Way to Climb Back

by on Sunday, March 13th, 2011

As the recession drags on, some Americans look toward government to help put businesses back in the black, get people working again, and reignite the housing market. Trouble is, the continued flat economy has left city, county, state and federal governments with less money to spend . So, what can we do to take matters into our own hands?

One way to begin climbing out of the recession is to spend your dollars locally. Yes, we know, you can often buy things cheaper on the Internet. But such purchases do zilch for the local economy.

Here’s Why It Matters

According to The 3/50 Project, for every $100 you spend in a locally owned independent store, $68 of that money comes back to your community via commercial property taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes, and salaries. When you shop at a national chain, only $43 comes back. And it’s not just dollars that make an impact. Think of all the good things local businesses do for the community: sponsor softball teams, underwrite events, support charities, and the list goes on. How do you measure the value of those intangibles?

Be the Solution: Shop Local

Here at Zavee we believe in the power of Buying Local. That’s why we offer cash-back incentives to folks like you to shop at Zavee merchants. We have hundreds of great local merchants in our directory—brick-and-mortar businesses like Pilates of Boynton Beach, Mail N More Services in Lantana, and one of our newest Zavee merchants, Tony Wu Steak & Seafood in Boca Raton. Shop local and your dollars may even create a job for someone you know.

Winter Concerts: They’re Classic

by on Friday, March 11th, 2011

If you love classical music, South Florida is the place to be this month. The tropical heat is still several weeks away, making outdoor concerts a true joy. And our world-class venues attract top talent—including one very special classical music performer you may have seen on YouTube.

Remember Jackie Evancho, the 10-year-old America’s Got Talent finalist with the voice of a grown-up opera singer? She’s headlining the Fifth Annual Festival of the Arts BOCA. Jackie will be singing with the Young Stars of the Metropolitan Opera, backed by the Boca Raton Philharmonic Symphonia, at the Mizner Park Amphitheater on Saturday, March 12. For tickets, call 866-571-ARTS or buy them online .

Music To Your Ears

Another classical treat of the season is the music of the critically acclaimed Delray String Quartet . They perform every Sunday from December through April at several different local venues. Our favorite is The Colony Hotel and Cabaña Club, but they also play at various Episcopal churches in the area and at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach. For the season schedule and ticket information, check online .

Make A Zavee Night of It

After Beethoven, Haydn and Brahms, there’s nothing like juicy steak fresh off the skewer or a savory plate of lamb chops. Why not try one of Delray Beach’s many Zavee restaurants and enjoy cash back rewards with your meal? And if you’ve got tickets to any of the music, literature, film, art, or dance events that make up Festival of the Arts BOCA, you’ll find a number of Zavee restaurants near the various venues. Just pull up our Merchants Directory and search for Boca Raton coffee shops, burger joints, bistros—whatever type of food strikes a chord with your palate.