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Love Our Merchants? Like Them on Facebook

by on Monday, October 24th, 2011

One of the best things about social media is keeping up with what matters to you. Whether it is a restaurant, public figure, fitness studio, or your favorite coffee shop Facebook and Twitter offer the perfect outlets for these establishments. Zavee merchants are quickly beginning to show up all over Facebook and it is a great way to stay up to date on even more ways to save money locally, and on events that could potentially be happening in that area. Stay up to date and in the know when you click the “Like” button on these Zavee merchants.

Crepes by the Sea

This Delray Beach crepe shop is the perfect place to have a sweet or savory crepe along with a divine cup of espresso.

Awaken Yoga

This soothing studio in Lighthouse Point will relax and limber your body as well as offer helpful instructors and staff.


Manicures and cocktails… what more could a girl want? Tipsy is well aware of this blissful combination and welcomes you to set up an appointment and be pampered.

Off the Ave

Head downtown to Delray Beach and come in for drinks after work, or into the late hours of the night. Lunch is also to die for when ordering a sandwich made fresh on their homemade bread.

Fall Back in Love with Your Backyard

by on Thursday, October 20th, 2011

South Floridians rejoice with the coming of October. Finally, the weather begins to cool and the humidity starts to fade as we light up the fire pits and leave the A/C. This is a great opportunity to dive into the fun outdoor activities we put off over the summer.

Fire pit

If you don’t have one already, I strongly suggest investing in one. They are durable, which means they will last years, and are a great gathering place. Every time my kids have their friends over, they decide to light it up and play music, chat, sip hot cocoa and enjoy the outdoors. It may seem like a luxury on the bottom of your list, but with the money saved from Zavee, that fire pit will be lit up before you know it, and believe me it is worth it.


Who doesn’t love to ooey gooey toasted marshmallows, melted chocolate, and crunchy graham crackers all combined in a perfect handheld snack? Every year when the weather cools our family invites our closest friends over for a s’mores party in our backyard centered over the fire pit.

Bocce Ball

Our backyard goes unused during the summer months. The heat is crazy most days making it difficult to head outside and play. Now that the weather is changing, we’ve brought out our bocce ball set and every weekend we play a game or two. It’s something the whole family enjoys doing and on a lazy Sunday we convene for a game.

Thanks to Zavee our fall will be full of new backyard additions, exciting gatherings, and fun filled games. All it took was a little extra savings and our backyard turned into a place everyone can enjoy.

Start Planning Your Halloween Party Early

by on Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

I don’t know about you, but this is one of my favorite months. The air begins to cool, pumpkin patches start popping up in the neighborhood, and everyone can play dress up at the end of the month. It’s nearly impossible to avoid that festive buzz that surrounds October, that is why I have decided to plan a spookily fun Halloween Party.  These are my fail proof tips to pulling off the perfect party for everyone on the block or at the office.

Plan a month in advance. This will ensure your stress levels aren’t at all time highs around October 20th.  This means making a list of the guests you plan to invite, picking out the perfect recipes for the delicious spread, and deciding a theme. The great thing about Halloween is it can be just about any theme you please from Kooky and Spooky to a Haunted House.

Get invites out early. Social schedules can fill up quickly and costumes can take weeks to fully conceptualize. This is why it is important to get your invites in the mail quickly, allowing for your party to be a main event on the calendar. Whenever I need invitations made I always head into Zavee merchant The Printing Office for the perfect invitation that will allow my guests to remember to save the date.

More treats than tricks. That should be the motto when planning the perfect treats to serve at your party.  A spiced, maybe even spiked punch featuring apple cider is always a must, along with clever treats that will keep your guests in the Halloween state of mind. Family Fun offers a slew of creative ideas to wow your guests with, such as these festive gingerbread skeletons.

Now all that’s needed are cobwebs stretched across the ceiling, a haunting soundtrack, dim lights, and you are ready to throw an exciting party that everyone will enjoy.

How To: Avoid Awkward Gym Moments

by on Friday, September 30th, 2011

We’ve all been there. Staring at the mirror after a bowl, or two, of ice cream and thinking it might be time for a visit to the Stairmaster. Then begins the lengthy conversation in your head that ultimately ends with you slumping into bed or watching the newest Netflix arrival.

I’ll be the first to admit I fail to take full advantage of the free gym membership that comes with being an FAU student. It has every machine I could possibly want, plus a full list of classes from Yoga to Core Strengthening. However, most days it’s just not worth seeing half of my Sociology class running around in spandex while I sweat profusely and look like a fool in a ponytail.

Hit the gym with Zavee

Leave it to Zavee to solve that hot-mess. I initially signed up for the amazing savings I would see after going out with my friends on the weekends, but I soon saw a greater benefit. Fitness is one of Zavee’s top priorities, which is evident in the long list of merchants that will work to keep you in shape. Take a Yoga class with Yoga 4 Life, sign up at The Gym of Boca Raton, strengthen your core at Pilates Health Connexion, or kick box with 9 Round. There’s literally something for everyone.

Not only do you get to escape seeing half of your class bouncing around in spandex every week, you are able to see cash back in your account after that intense workout. If that isn’t incentive to get out of bed and limit your Netflix watching to once a week, I don’t know what is.


Here Comes the Bride…

by on Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Planning a Wedding is not only exciting and life changing but can also prove to be incredibly stressful and costly. There are endless lists to check, and then triple check. Vendors to book, flowers to arrange, color schemes to explore, food to taste, invitations to write, and events to organize. Luckily, Zavee has merchants that can fill these needs and put money back in your pockets. Suddenly, planning that perfect day just got a little more…perfect.

Curls, waves, straight, up, or down…

After finding the perfect dress, comes the exciting task of deciding the perfect hairstyle to compliment the new gown. If your hair is anything like mine, it goes a little crazy in the Florida heat. Finding the right product combination and doing your own intricate hairstyle for the day can seem nearly impossible. My suggestion, make an appointment with a local salon to ensure you are picture perfect. Naked Hair Salon in Downtown Delray Beach is an all natural and organic salon that can leave your hair looking ethereal or avant-garde for the day.

Peonies, hydrangeas, roses, daisies….

Flowers are necessary in creating the desired ambiance for the day or evening.  Floral Portraits by Caren will do everything from centerpieces at the reception to the bride’s signature bouquet. All it takes is a quick call and consultation before you are on your way to a wedding filled with colorful and lively arrangements.

Vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, butter cream…

Cake tasting might be one of the best parts of wedding planning. Cakes by Lara is a talented South Florida bakery ready to create the tastiest cake imaginable. Call (561) 623-7213 to set up an appointment.

Beef, chicken or fish….

Nobody wants to be slaving away in the kitchen the night before the big day. Having a caterer is necessary when planning your wedding. Most restaurants are willing to cater, however, if your favorite one refuses to, I suggest Casa di Pepe. Yes, it is Italian, which may not seem “in theme” for some weddings, however who doesn’t love a delicious Bruschetta or Chicken Marsala?

Time for DIY project

With all the major parts of your wedding taken care of, it can be fun to use this extra time and money for a DIY project. Looking over wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty and Ruffled can lead to an inspiration for your own wedding. Create a notepad for each table, and allow your guests to fill it with great date night ideas, or words of wisdom. Or create a special trinket for your guests to take home with them. This will make your big day unique and personal, an event that every loved one is sure to remember for years, and one you’ll be happy to look back on.


Girls Night Out: College Edition

by on Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

A night out with friends does not have to be a pricey event that leaves you looking at an empty wallet in the morning. Being a college student, I know how hard it can be to have a guilt free Friday night. Between food and the bar tab, you begin to wonder if staying in would have been a better option. Fact of the matter is, we’re young and deserve to indulge after a long week of classes and work. There is no way I’m giving up my two nights of freedom, so I signed up for Zavee.

Save at your favorite spot

Besides saving money every time I go out, there are always new merchants being added. You never know when that favorite local spot will pop up on the merchant list, and suddenly you’ll be watching money appear in your bank account. Your favorite isn’t there yet? Write your wish on Zavee’s Facebook Wall and it may just be granted!

Find a new favorite

Another great thing I’ve realized about Zavee: I’m finding new favorites every weekend. Knowing that I’ll be seeing cash back in my account after my night of adventure is encouragement enough to discover that new restaurant. Just last week I headed into Ovenella and by the end of the night I knew I would be coming back for more very soon.

All my friends have signed up now that they’ve seen how much money I have had pop back into my bank account. Now when we all go out together we are all receiving cash back, finding new places, and having a well-deserved guilt free weekend.


Grandparents Day

by on Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Sometimes we forget our Grandparents or parents were once swanky 25 year olds with full social schedules who enjoyed a night out on the town and a good cocktail party. Take the opportunity to celebrate the exciting lives they have led.

Dinner: Treat the guests of honor to a delicious dinner at TW Steak and Seafood. This diverse menu will please everyone in the family. You can be adventurous and try menu items featuring an Asian twist, such as the Pepper Sesame Seared Tuna Steak, or stick with a classic Filet Mignon. Either way, you’ll leave feeling completely satisfied and as if you have properly celebrated your Grandparents.

Plan a party: Sometimes planning a party at home can be just as exciting as going out to eat. Plan a backyard BBQ and order a custom cake from Cakes by Laura for the special occasion. This will add a sweet ending to this celebratory day.

Yoga classes: The perfect gift isn’t always a new book, or an expensive knick-knack for the shelf. Think outside of the box, and consider your Grandparents’ health. Yoga offers a great low impact way for your Grandparents to stay strong and limber. Before you know it they’ll feel 30 again and glad they tried something new. Head into Awaken Yoga to pick up a month’s worth of classes.

What’s better? All of these merchants are Zavee members. Therefore, while you are celebrating, cash is being put back in your wallet and everyone ends up enjoying the celebration.



New School Year, New Activities

by on Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Sometimes it can seem as if the kids have an endless amount of energy. They are racing each other down the hall, setting up obstacle courses in the back yard, or having a private dance party in front of their mirror. Joining a team or a club after school can be the perfect outlet for this overflowing energy. Whether it is starting him or her off with tee ball, a week full of ballet, jazz, and tap classes, or the opportunity to volunteer for a great cause…there will be a local activity to absorb all the extra energy.

Tee Ball: This is a great first step to the major leagues for a 5-6 year old. It’s like baseball with training wheels but is still full of team spirit and those super spiffy uniforms. Most cities have local teams set up, but it is best to give your city’s parks and recreation facility a phone call.  Delray Beach offers a wide range of sports teams available for your son or daughter, including everything from soccer to cheerleading.

Swimming: The great thing about living in South Florida, besides the obvious, is the chance to swim in an outdoor pool without the risk of snowfall ruining your swim practice. Swim teams are not only offered at most schools, but can also be found in the city of Boca Raton and their award winning Mantas team. Learn more here:

Actively Volunteer: There are so many great causes that can keep your kids actively involved in the community, right in your backyard. Habitat for Humanity is always looking for helping hands on the latest project and The Miracle League will leave you and your family inspired.  Each of these great causes will burn off that extra energy and leave your son or daughter feeling motivated and proud.

There are plenty of ways to get your kids active and to be a part of something they can flourish in this year. It is a great way to meet friends with similar values and interests, while allowing skills to be fostered. All it takes is a little decision making and scheduling with the family calendar.

Last Trip of the Summer

by on Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

The end of summer is coming closer, and even though most of us are sad, there is still enough time for one last trip with the family before the next chaotic school year begins! Just because you want to get away doesn’t mean you have to empty your wallets, some hotels offer deals and discounts for locals and same-state residents. Your vacation is only a car drive away.

Hollywood, Florida

The Crowne Plaza Hollywood Beach Hotel is the perfect place to begin your staycation. This hotel offers up to 25% off of daily rates for Florida residents and a 20% food and beverage voucher. Regardless if you’ve visited Hollywood before, a few of the following adventures could lead you to an unforgettable experience. Of course there is a beautiful beach where you can catch some Hollywood rays or get your heart rate up with water activities such as body boarding and windsailing. However, there is so much more to do in Hollywood and the Crowne Plaza offers a variety of packages like their “Shop like Royalty” package where you receive discounts at the shops and restaurants in their outdoor shopping and entertainment center, The Village at Gulfstream Park, and $15 towards the Gulfstream Park Casino to play in the slots.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

You can also bring the kids along and visit the Museum of Discovery and Science. This museum has a variety of interesting and unique exhibits for you and your kids to enjoy. They also offer IMAX showings in 2D and 3D. Some of the different exhibits they offer are:

  • Powerful You: this exhibit explores the human body through interactive exhibits and images to teach you about the importance of health and how professionals use technology to keep bodies healthy.
  • Go Green: this exhibit displays the importance of recycling, safe waste disposal, and how you can make the right choices to lead a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Minerals Rock: this exhibits teaches you about how minerals are the building blocks of the world while experiencing how new rocks and landmasses are formed through erupting a “volcano.” On top of all that, you also get to touch real lava!

Another attraction that could make your last days of summer amazing is an Airboat tour of the Everglades in Weston, Florida. When you print the coupon from their website, you can save $2.00 per adult and $1.00 per child on the airboat ticket prices. Also on the coupon you can save $5.00 on a 4 or 7 hour Jon Boat Rental at the park. There is so much to do in your city, don’t think that just because you want to go on vacation you have to travel on an airplane. Your vacation is right under your nose!


Plan a Picnic

by on Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Finding affordable activities to fill the days can be difficult. I recently came across an article in Vogue, and for once found it inspiring. Among their, “10 Reasons to Love New York This Summer”, was a suggestion that can be enjoyed outside of New York, basically anywhere. It was a Picnic. The great thing about picnics is the ability for them to take just about any form. From romantic to playful this is the perfect activity for any age or relationship.

Picnic in the park

Find a shady tree and unfold your picnic basket.

With the kids:

-Pack up some PB&J’s. Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes out of these bite sized sandwiches.

-Next on the menu, fresh squeezed lemonade is always better than the store bought carton. Add some cranberry juice and you’ll have pretty pink lemonade.

-For dessert pack up some of their favorite fruit such as raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries in bite size pieces.

With a beau:

-Pack an artisan sandwich on fresh bread from the bakery; pick out a unique cheese, some fresh herbs such as basil, a juicy tomato, and your favorite deli meat.

-Next head to the wine aisle and grab a cold bottle of bubbly Prosecco. It will be refreshing on a warm summer day or night. Or pick out a beer from a local microbrewery.

-For dessert, there are plenty of options. Brule in Delray has a great selection that can be easily packed up for the park. Everything from molten chocolate cake, to crème brule sits picturesquely in their pastry case. Stay away from items that could easily melt and pick something refreshing.

Picnic on the beach

Prop up the beach umbrella and pack an extra large blanket for optimal shade and comfort.

With the kids:

Head to the beach early and bring the cooler because nothing is better than a cold drink or snack when playing in the waves.

-For a morning snack, pack a muffin or donut that the kids handpicked from your favorite spot. Don’t forget the chocolate milk and OJ.

- For a cool snack, go for the grapes. These are easy to pop in your mouth and will stay nice and cold in the cooler.

- Stay hydrated with some homemade iced tea.

- Keep their energy high with snacks such as sunflower seeds, almonds, or raisins. If your kids love just about everything, make a tasty bag of trail mix with their favorite nuts seeds and dried fruits.

With a beau:

Pack a large blanket, some battery powered lighting and get ready for a night of stargazing.

-Quiche is a great substitute for the typical pizza night. Make this Goat Cheese with Prosciutto during the day and you’ll be all ready for a deliciously romantic dinner that night.

- Mix up your favorite cocktail and put it in a thermos, which will keep it cool and make for an easy shaker. Don’t forget the cups!

- For a sweet ending pack some homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Completely stuck or looking for new flavors to discover? Check out for a unique picnic basket filled with tasty treats.