Here Comes the Bride…

by on Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Planning a Wedding is not only exciting and life changing but can also prove to be incredibly stressful and costly. There are endless lists to check, and then triple check. Vendors to book, flowers to arrange, color schemes to explore, food to taste, invitations to write, and events to organize. Luckily, Zavee has merchants that can fill these needs and put money back in your pockets. Suddenly, planning that perfect day just got a little more…perfect.

Curls, waves, straight, up, or down…

After finding the perfect dress, comes the exciting task of deciding the perfect hairstyle to compliment the new gown. If your hair is anything like mine, it goes a little crazy in the Florida heat. Finding the right product combination and doing your own intricate hairstyle for the day can seem nearly impossible. My suggestion, make an appointment with a local salon to ensure you are picture perfect. Naked Hair Salon in Downtown Delray Beach is an all natural and organic salon that can leave your hair looking ethereal or avant-garde for the day.

Peonies, hydrangeas, roses, daisies….

Flowers are necessary in creating the desired ambiance for the day or evening.  Floral Portraits by Caren will do everything from centerpieces at the reception to the bride’s signature bouquet. All it takes is a quick call and consultation before you are on your way to a wedding filled with colorful and lively arrangements.

Vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, butter cream…

Cake tasting might be one of the best parts of wedding planning. Cakes by Lara is a talented South Florida bakery ready to create the tastiest cake imaginable. Call (561) 623-7213 to set up an appointment.

Beef, chicken or fish….

Nobody wants to be slaving away in the kitchen the night before the big day. Having a caterer is necessary when planning your wedding. Most restaurants are willing to cater, however, if your favorite one refuses to, I suggest Casa di Pepe. Yes, it is Italian, which may not seem “in theme” for some weddings, however who doesn’t love a delicious Bruschetta or Chicken Marsala?

Time for DIY project

With all the major parts of your wedding taken care of, it can be fun to use this extra time and money for a DIY project. Looking over wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty and Ruffled can lead to an inspiration for your own wedding. Create a notepad for each table, and allow your guests to fill it with great date night ideas, or words of wisdom. Or create a special trinket for your guests to take home with them. This will make your big day unique and personal, an event that every loved one is sure to remember for years, and one you’ll be happy to look back on.