When in Face…..

by on Sunday, July 10th, 2011

OK, the saying may be “When in Rome…”. However, this is more appropriate given that Bastille Day is quickly approaching. This is usually a holiday Americans tend to ignore, but we say why not take the opportunity to explore a different culture – even if it’s just for the day.

Get Fancy in France

Throw a French inspired party. Send Eiffel Tower invitations to your closest friends for a French dinner party, or a sophisticated brunch. Turn on Edith Piaf or Eartha Kitt or even French-American Madeline Peyroux then whip up delectable French dishes for your guests. Laura Calder has taken Julia Child’s lead and simplified French food for everyone to conquer. Dive into Julia Child’s famous cookbooks on your shelf or check out the Cooking Channel for Calder’s recipes.

Mix It Up

Don’t forget the Champagne to accompany each of your dishes. Mix it up by offering festive drink options such as a sparkling cocktail featuring Champagne and raspberry puree or the classic French 75, which has all the firepower of the artillery piece it was named for.